From time to time I’ll get calls from someone I know with a question about what kind of car they’re working with because the state system or DMV database doesn’t have it in there, or it’s coming up different from the officer is saying the car is. And somehow I always know how to identify the car correctly.

It usually happens with newer cars or ones with weird ass names. One I got a while ago was the Subaru Crosstrek, which didn’t show up in the system, but most of us will know the “Crosstrek” is just a slightly raised Impreza with some plastic panels. So that saved them.

Then I just got a call about the Sprinter: “Isn’t the Sprinter made by Mercedes? It’s coming up as a Dodge.” I confirmed that yes it’s a Mercedes, and confirmed the car they have starts with WD in the VIN. “Yeah, it’s a Mercedes but was sold as a Dodge Sprinter and will be either a1500, 2500, or 3500.”

I like being helpful, and I’m glad my affliction is able to help people.