I need to replace a wheel. specifically the front passenger side one, pictured. Problem is, I don't know what size wheel I need.

Why am I replacing the wheel? Because I flushed $80 in Willets Point on an attempt to weld an air-leaking spoke.

As you can see, they're four lug 15 inchers. What remains mysterious is that I don't know how wide they are.


I'm not sure I can tell exactly how wide they are based on the tire size alone. I forget the size, but I can go check next time I see the car.


The thing is, I'm not sure I don't want to replace the fronts, as there are wheel spacers on them, which was a surprise to me when I first had to take the wheels off the car.

I would like to get a set of wheels that didn't need spacers, as spacers are a bitch when you have to put the wheel back on. The question is (again) what size should I get? Ideally I'd get something like these bad boys, but I'm hoping to keep the price in two digits and something probably local.