Well, a version of this anyway.

Last year, there was construction over a railroad crossing in my area. Many drivers felt the inexplicable need to stay in the left of two available forward lanes, right up to the point where that left lane ended.

But apparently that wasn’t stupid enough. As traffic backed up, many drivers felt the need to stop on the tracks while waiting for traffic to start flowing again.

This gave me an idea, but I’m afraid I squandered my opportunity. The construction is done and over with (for now), and all lanes of traffic are flowing again. I’m sure that some people are still stopping on the tracks during the busiest times of the day, but since all lanes are open now, they are certainly less desperate about it. Last year, you could pretty much count on somebody blocking the tracks during every cycle of the nearby traffic signal.


The idea was to park in the nearby carpool lot with some friends. One would have a train horn kit and a power source, another would have a little train costume made of cardboard or something, with a soft foam “bumper” on the front, and one or two more would film the whole thing, preferably from multiple angles.

These things are pretty expensive, which is part of why I never got around to doing this.

As soon as somebody stopped on the tracks, the horn would sound and the person wearing the train engine costume would run up and gently *boop* that car. (Preferably, I’d rather avoid contact, and see the driver freak out after hearing the horn and have left themselves enough room to pull away from the tracks. But if a soft *boop* is what it takes to get the message across, then hey boop away, just don’t damage anything.)


So if you have a steady stream of local Darwin Award contestants who like to block RR tracks, feel free to steal this idea and share the footage. Maybe you’ll go viral and make a little YouTube cash.