I Should Have Just Bought My Dream Car Instead

I can’t love this XF. Everytime I’m around it all I think is, “You could have bought an XJ Supersport.” This 2012 XF had such an enticing story though! It was four years old with only 15,000 miles on it because the first owner freaking died and their son didn’t feel comfortable driving it, so he sold it to the Jaguar dealer. Nearly new dead grandpa stuff is my sales weakness. 

Jaguars have been my favorite animal ever since I saw a video of one biting through a turtle’s shell (the strongest natural shield known to adolescent me) in order to devour that tender little creature. Eating a cute little animal inside his own home is some serious gangsta level stuff, man!


Shortly after that, I found out Jaguar was a bunch of hot cars so I decided I would have myself a Jaaag one day. This is nearly 15 years before I became any level of car enthusiast.

But this XF, while being the only model year where you got the facelift AND the NA 5.0 V8, was not the car I dreamt of. I want a 2012 Jaguar XJ Supersport (though not the LWB version anymore). While this is a fine enough automobile...it’s not the one I wanted!

So now, I have a good car I can’t love because I can’t stop thinking about the what if. I feel like a crappy owner...


On a side note, I had a BMW X3 for ten days while the XF was getting a new rear bumper and exhaust housing since it was rear ended. I thought the monostatic gear shifter, indicator stock, and infotainment systems were the EASIEST things in the world to use!

Maybe the JLR system is just that bad (I avoid touching infotainment systems anyways), but I seriously enjoyed that X3 quite a bit more than the V6 F-Pace or 4-cyl XE that I played around with. Drove and delivered power just as well as those two, and thats a huge compliment. Both of those also cost the same as that rental X3 but man was that BMW an easy car to daily. Might be my new favorite luxury compact utility.

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