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I Should Have My Car Back Soon!

So I mentioned in a post awhile ago that my car was havi nag a common computer issue. Namely the FRM decided to shit the bed. Which resulted in inoperable windows, blinkers, fog lights, and interior lights.

BMW has an extended wart on this part up to 10 years, and 150,000 miles, however the nearest BMW dealer is in Bloomington MN, over 4 hours away. So I’d either have to drive to and through Minneapolis with the windoen down and no blinkers, or have it towed the car which I’m assuming would be prohibitively expensive. So I had to find another solution.


I ended up going with a company called The ECU Pro, which has a mail in repair service. So far their customer service has been excellent, Altho their website wouldn’t let me check out so I had to call them. I sent out my FRM on Monday, I’m and hey received it yesterday, hopefully they’ll mail it out today and with expedited shipping I’ll have it back by Tuesday.

All together the cost should be less than 250. $199 for the service plus Shipping both was.

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Screenshot: The ECU pro

Once the car is back I’ll still need to get my trailer light wiring sorted out. Last night I found a no cut/splice system that has its own battery connection for power supply, and uses induction for the signal. Rather than splicing into your cars wiring and using drawing power from the taillight wiring. It’s specifically ment to play well with the voltage sensitive systems most modern vehicles have.

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