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I should've setup a proper home office when COVID began

The second best time to set one up was this week.

Finally got a desk, chair, a rug so the wheels from said chair don’t ruin my hardwood floor, and a 4K monitor (although this is also for my personal use).


After months of working on a small laptop screen, 32" of 4K is awesome. I finally retired my 720p 32" Samsung LCD that I’ve been using for over a decade. It was a great second screen if I wanted to look something up while not interrupting my streaming video. It’s not worth much at this point, it’s old enough that it still has the classic RCA, S-Video, and Component video connectors (hell I still remember when Component was new and awesome).

Now my home office setup will basically be my laptop screen for Outlook/Teams and then the main 4K screen for my whole workflow - what I normally put on 2 1080p screens fits snugly on my 4K screen so working from home should go so much smoother.


I really wish I had done this earlier, but as time passes I’m less and less optimistic about how quickly we can go back to the office. While I still go in periodically, it’s not the same without my team around since I really do like my immediate colleagues.

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