Canadian here. Not sure what the rules are south of the border but up here there are a lot of restrictions on guns and I’m planning on getting both of the necessary licenses to own long guns and handguns.

The RPAL required for handguns isn’t really needed but I figured that I may as well get it all done at once.

It’s not for self defense or hunting, but because: 1) I love mechanical things like cars, watches, and now guns; 2) trap/skeet/clay shooting looks like fun.

Only problem is that the course isn’t until next month. I also learned that it takes a while to process an application for a license once the courses/exams are completed, so I probably won’t be getting my first gun until July or later.

I wanted to get an over/under shotgun but apparently good ones are expensive, so I may opt to go with a semi-auto. Pump-action would be nice but I think it would be limiting if I decide to go with skeet shooting (I think that’s the one with the two discs on different trajectories). I may want to get an M1 Garand (replica or whatever) just because I think they’re cool.

Fun fact: after doing some research on firearms restrictions, there are anti-tank rifles that you can legitimately own in Canada, but you’re restricted from owning pea-shooters like Derringers and .25/.32 cal pistols.