So tomorrow I'm going to go look at one. Normally, these things are far, far away from what I like. I like big. I like powerful. I enjoy seeing my gas gauge cry at the mercy of my right foot at and the V8 that it controls. HOWEVER, I have been looking for a beater recently. Mostly because I'm still young and being irresponsible with money when I don't have too many responsibilities can be fun.

Throughout most of this search the general requirement had been "stick-shift" with very little limitations outside of that. Today, I had passed by an eager looking 1999 Geo Metro. I stopped because the window said $800, and what the hell. So, as it turns out, this thing is a little beat up, but has been cared for pretty meticulously since the current owner took possession of it. He has replaced a myriad of different things and has done regular maintenance with aplomb. He also has many boxes of spare parts tat he is willing to throw in because he no longer as any use for them. Basically, this is sounding like one of the better cars I could spend $800 on.

It must be noted that it is the, er, "small block" 1.0 3cyl with 55 raging horsepower. So there's that to consider as well although the 5spd wil get the most from that it can.

Anyhow, no pictures because I am a moron and forgot to take some, but what is the opinion on tem? Reliable, easy to fix, cheap to run, fun to drive, etc? Curious to see if anyone on here has any experience with them.