I SOLD a Thing!

My wife’s X3 is finally in the hands of its new owner. A lifetime BMW fan, and owner of an E39 that was tragically rear-ended recently. His insurance company quickly totaled it, but he is still driving it. He basically used that money to get himself the X3, so it was an easy swap for him, and I’m sure he’ll take good care of it; he also isn’t ignorant of the likely needs of a 208k-mile BMW.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a nice little pile of cash burning a hole in our bank account, ready for the exact right car for my wife to just... be delivered via stork or something. Isn’t that where baby cars come from?


Meanwhile, our Volvo is in the shop and won’t be out until Monday, so my wife has the ‘03 wagon and I’ve got the truck as my only vehicle. It’s finally needed!

Also, I finally got chain protectors on the tailgate chains, so they don’t swing, bang, and scrape all over the place, all the time. Yay!


Happy Friday! 

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