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I Sold a Thing:/

In the past I have mentioned that a colleague wanted to buy my S3. It was really more of a joke for the longest time. When I first bought it he said “I want to buy that from you in a few years.” Earlier this year when I started looking seriously at 911's he mentioned that he was serious about buying my S3. He asked that I talk to him before I trade it in. Last week he was promoted. He stopped in and said “I’m going to buy an S3 this week and I’d really like it to be yours.”

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My 997 search has slowed recently because I had only been looking for cars at local dealers. I was doing that because I would need to trade in the Audi, and if I fell in love with a car outside of my budget, I would want partial financing. If you want an Arctic Silver, non S, that hasn’t been well looked after dealers near me are your best bet!

Saracen, Manual Douche Elitist put me on to the PCA classifieds. After looking at those, other local private sellers, and cars on Bring a Trailer, I’ve realized that getting the car I want would be a lot easier if I had some cash in hand.


I had previously considered selling it but hadn’t actually listed it or anything. As most of you know selling a car privately is difficult and inconvenient. So when this guy made me a good offer, I slept on it, then took it.

I’m still feeling kind of weird/unsure about it to be honest. I wasn’t in love with the S3 the way that I am with the M3, but still I really liked the car and buying it was a milestone for me. It’s water under the bridge now. The buyers promotion moves him to another office so at least I don’t have to look at “not my car anymore” every day.


Now that it’s done I’m all fucked up, haha. Do I buy the best 997 I can find right now? Do I wait for the perfect one? How long do I wait? What if something else comes along?

I’ve never sold/traded a car without getting another one right away, or at least having another car on deck. The S3 was the second longest I have owned a vehicle, just over 3 years and driven 25k miles.


Pour one out.

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