My car is gone and now I’m sad. Not because it was a particularly great car or that I won’t be having a car again in the near future, but because it was my first. I never really had an attachment to the car when I owned it, but now that it is gone I miss it. It was beat up on the exterior, as you can see, but the drive train worked great.

The best thing about it is that I didn’t have go care about it being damaged, or worry about it breaking. My next car is going to be newer, more advanced, but also likely more prone to breaking and I will have to worry about it. When a friend of mine backed into me and caused the dent on the front passenger door, I was able to prank him by getting him to think I cared immensely about it. With my next car, I’ll likely be parking away from others when possible, and I will miss he peace of mind.

The car itself isn’t anything special; 1.6 liter engine, 3-speed auto, cloth seats, roll-down windows and A/C that I used about 3 times in 2 years because it sapped so much power from the already under powered engine. I figure that it made 80ish hp to the wheels, so I went full throttle a lot. It wasn’t even the first car I learned to drive, that being my dad’s Volvo. It wasn’t even remotely fast, or even enjoyable to drive. But it was mine.

I will miss not caring. I will miss going out on a snowy field one winter and sliding around. I will miss freaking out a few unsuspecting passengers with the pull of the handbrake mid-corner late at night. I will miss all of it, good and bad.