So I sold my Volvo 850 estate and got a Toyota

My baby, shame she had a drinking problem

There she is, my Volvo estate. She was a 2.5 5cyl petrol auto, I paid £300 for it last year. I was almost crying when it went as I new her fate......... She was going to be parted out and that makes me sad as I would happily have driven all the way to Scotland and back without thinking about it. In the 9months of owning it I replaced the radiator then the fan relay died so I made my own. And the fuel pump relay needed a tap to work again.

Anyway on to the Toyota, it’s a estima emina Japanese import (JDM AF bro) paid the grand total of £450 for 2tons of awd jdm goodness


Is an 8seater and I need all of them as I have 6kids. They all love it as there is loads of space and the seats in the middle row are able to turn around and that according to the kids is “so amazing”

Normal way round,


I even have a table to go in the middle. The entire back of the car can be turned into a bed by folding all the seats down.

As for maintenance there is a small flap under the front passenger seat


that’s how you check your oil and top it up, so far in the almost two weeks IV owned it iv had to change a coolant temperature sensor (£6)and that was a pain..... To get to it I had to take out the driver’s seat and a bracked, move the carpet out the way and then undo a billion bolt that you can’t see because the carpet is in the way then once all the boots are out you remove a whole chunk of the floor. It took a little over a hour to do that then 30seconds later the sensor is replaced and then another hour and it’s all put back and drivable.

To replace the spark plugs you have to do all that again, oh the joys. So the engine is under the front two seats slanted at 70 degrees it’s a 2tz-fe mated to a 3 speed auto with overdrive and that sends the power to a awd system Toyota called “all trac” I think.


Te exterior doesn’t reflect the interior, the outside has bumps and scrapes everywhere while the interior is really good, there’s a few marks here and there but the seats/ carpet and factory fitted floor mats are almost mint. Will get some more photos tomorrow

So that was my little ramble about my new car

How did my post read? Was it ok? Any input to make a better post in appreciated. A work in progress, my first “real” post