Last October is when I got my 350Z. It was the first car I can remember that I liked from a Japanese company (I was young at the time that I found out about the 350Z's exsistance years ago (obviously still am in that case)), although I grew away from it and more towards other JDM cars. When the chance came to trade in a car, the dealership had one with low miles, I wanted rwd and a stick and something fun, so I got it, and don't get me wrong, I love the shit out of it, and have a lot of plans for it. However, as the title states; I sometimes wonder...what if I had gotten a Miata? It would have been a lot cheaper off the bat, I would already have the money to put parts into it, and would have something amazing already rather then a stock car that I'm paying for still rather then buying parts already (yet), and then one of my friends is talking to me about wanting one as a track car, and I mention a way to make it look manlier- a fastback conversion (as pictured). Then I Google it to show him, and get reminded of how awesome of a look it is. I could probably have gotten a Miata, and the conversion by now for the price of the Z. That all said and done, as I said, I love the Z, and I don't know if I could live with both my cars being THAT small (other car is a 65' beetle), it is nice to sit in the Z and have a bit of shoulder room, it handles great, sounds amazing, and as I said, I love it, but yet I wonder..what if?..Maybe someday.