My take home pay for last year was about 27,000. And I spent over 1/3 of that on cars and tools. Come with me as I dive into the scary territory of looking at how you spent your money. 

5k on paying off the BMW. I borrowed almost 12 after tax title and registration, and owe less than 7k 11 months later. No too bad. My goal is still to get it paid off in 2 years.

1k on parts and maintenance for the BMW. Snowtires, wheels, a roof rack, ignition tune up, and regular maintenance.

1700 onthe Rabbit after tax title and registration because I got collect tags. They cost 3x more then standard plates but never need to be re-newer.

500 on parts for the Rabbit. Including oil, and such.

6-700 on tools. Lots of power tool, torque wrenches, new set of plyers. An OBD-2 reader, And some random additions. I have A lot of of new tools.


1600 on gas give or take

400 on insurance

So all in all I spent nearly 11k on cars and the car hobby. Now a lot of that was necessary, I could have “saved” a lot by only making minimum payments on the BMW. And the Rabbit was obviously and uneeded, but I love it.