I spent almost $150 on bulbs....

I’ve had my Mazda for about 4 1/2 years and we’re a little shy of 173k on the clock. Since I no longer commute my yearly mileage has been cut in about half; which is good.

My license plate light went out the other day. It’s the first bulb to burn out on my car. While looking at all the bulbs I decided to pick up some more since I figured if one goes out, more will follow. I’ve been thinking my headlights look dimmer recently. Headlights ~$50

DRL/highbeams ~$50

Unnecessary “upgrades”:

LED tag lights, tail lights, and hatch light since I’ve never liked how dim it was. ~$50


Holy crap the LEDs are so much brighter. If my next car doesn’t come with them I’m upgrading earlier in my ownership. 

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