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I spied something with my little eyes...

...and it was white. Took the car to get the summer wheels put on and have it serviced, and they had some interesting stuff sitting around. This was only my third visit to this indie shop, but I am really starting to like it. Again, I ended up paying slightly less than I had expected, got pretty good service, and it was nice to see the Corvette C3's mini-me sitting there in the sun.


It is so tiny!

This little smurf was also a nice sight. If people who drive cars like this bring them to this shop, my beige Honda should be in good hands.

They are in an industrial estate next to a TÜV station and a large VW/Audi/Mercedes dealership, so as the weather was nice today I took a stroll through their lot as well.


I think it's nice that they put the plates on the cars, otherwise it's kinda hard to tell which is which. Merc has really perfected this "one sausage, different lenghts" thing. But what I really wanted to show you was this:


A Polo R WRC. Only 2500 of these little buggers were made. It's got the usual 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-banger, that VAG tends to put in almost everything these days. With 220 horses getting this subcompact to 62 mph takes only 6.4 seconds, and it runs out of steam at around 150 mph.


I've somehow never been a big fan of Polos, but this one I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in. I kinda dig it's looks. Delivery started last fall, so this one is probably a bit pre-hooned. But they only want € 29,900 for it instead of the full € 34k list price. Still a bit out of my price range :(

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