I started a Cars & Coffee, AMA

Ok, so the headline is semi-misleading. I did not start it myself, my friend and I did and it was his idea. Also, we couldn’t call it Cars & Coffee because that’s trademarked. Nevertheless, what do you want to know about what it took for a 19y/o and a 20y/o to get an event like the ground and run it at least somewhat smoothly? We just wrapped up our first ever season and it was pretty awesome.

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Photo: Todd Ashmore (Todd Ashmore Photography)

You can view professional pictures from some of the events, taken by our very talented official photographer here, videos from our show (and others) here, and check out our Instagram here.

Sorry for so much tooting of my own horn, but I kind of still can’t believe we did this, and that enough people loved it for us to keep doing it.

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