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I started the process...

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More correctly, someone else is starting the process: however, I put money down so it could begin. That’s a second mini I had to buy to fix mine. That shell is in much much better shape. It would have cost more to fix mine than what that one cost to buy. Selling the extra power train it came with and the associated leftovers will help. When its all done, should be as close to new as possible. That’s on the body experts end at Restoration Mini. Great guy, keeps it fun, great forum.


On my end, I get to rip mine apart and recondition everything salvageable to have ready to plug in to the ‘new’ shell upon arrival. Interior is pretty much perfect, and front subframe/drivetrain, and lighting. Otherwise it’s all going in the bin, even the old wiring harness...I’m not trusting a 1978 bundle of wires on a near full resto. Even suspension gets a total redo.

So here’s to 2020. Where it may be driving by fall. And the engine will probably come out for overhaul + supercharger + lower final drive for 2021.

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