I did riff off of his title for fun, but this is NOT me taking a shot at BlueMazda2! I’ve just never understood this car. For $10k Steve Dinan will sell you his “S2" package AKA the same 70 horsepower gain and an extra 100 lb ft of torque instead of a paltry 40. With that in mind it’s hard to view the water injection headache as anything more than a gimmick whose sole purpose is to legitimize this “special edition” to some extent.

Yes, the wheels are gorgeous. But that’s the only thing I can get into here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BMWs, but the water injection seems pointless. Doug describes the +70 horsepower and +40 lb ft gains as impressive. But they really aren’t in 2017... I think he was saying that for the camera because he likes the car. And he’s welcome to like it. You are too. But I just can’t get past the fact that instead of turning up the boost via simple ECU edits and hardware changes, BMW has it’s customers constantly refilling a water tank in the trunk.

It’d be awesome if all 700 were bought by hardcore M4 drivers who want that extra edge at the track (and at their local C&C). But I doubt it. I’d be surprised if the majority of these actually saw track time. Like most limited edition cars these days, the majority will have a few thousand miles put on them by the original owner, who hopes to then sell it for at least a little more than he paid for it.