Alright. I admit it. About 5 years ago i bought the puma ferrari shoes with felipe massa's f1 # and his signature thing on them. I wore them to class in hs for quite a while. Until i got this unsettling feeling it was weird doing so. This was also before i could drive, and since then, have not put them on and been able to see if it truly is different driving with them. Also, i have a giant ferrari flag hanging on my wall.

At the time i though the shoes were cool and awesome when i bought them. Maybe its when i realized they did not match anything i was wearing at the time... Maybe ill start wearing them again.


Too bad i never wore them, since massa isnt on ferrari any longer. O well.

Ive also got one of those ferrari f1 skull cap things my dad got in italy back when schumacher was in his hay day. I should definitely wear all of this to the next oppo meet. haha.

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