Ok, sorry for the click-baitey headline, but I DID get a new car this weekend, and I didn’t pay for it before I left the dealership.

I bought a new (used) Ford Flex over the weekend. I arranged financing through my credit union, which is closed on Saturday and Sunday. After striking a deal with the dealership, they let me leave in the car, with paper tags and all with only a photocopy of my license, my down payment (in cash) and my word that the bank would FedEx them a check on Monday. Of course I had to fill out all of the usual paperwork, but honestly, with a decent fake ID and a “business card” for an out of town bank, I could have just as easily walked out of the dealership with a new car for the cost of a down payment. I guess it’s not really all that different from taking a test drive, where all they do is copy your license, but the whole thing just struck me as bizarre. Anyways, here’s a pic of my wife’s new ride for your time.

Oh, and a great big thanks to my fellow Opponauts who reccomended the Flex. It wasn’t even on our radar, but we fell in love as soon as we test drove one.