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I basically shamed every person who voted for a set of mics on how impulsive they were. Rant/more after the break. Corolla for your time.


I got pinkeye yesterday so I really couldn’t attend school Leadership has these business meetings where different committees update the rest of us what is going this week and money for stuff gets approved. I texted this to my tech committee to read, as I was pissed someone that someone submitted a preapproval for money going toward a unknown pair of wireless mics...a little off topic but wireless mics aren’t equal and some work better in large gym type building while some crap out completely. I was pissed that person didn’t vet it through us whether it would work or not. Sooo...

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Oh yes during the business meeting, here is a speech I’d like someone to say about last week. I’d like to discuss last week’s approving of the mics. At that time, we were shocked as Ms. malin was when we heard the pre approval request of the mics. First thing, nothing was discussed in general on the mic that they were going to buy. Had this mysterious unknown mic ever been tested? We begged the class to not approve of it. But you still all did. One of the people in our committee talked to Ms. malin about where they money for the mics is coming from. Even she wearily told us that even she did not know. This is a clear cut case of something poorly planned and half baked. Just because something looks appealing on the outside and falling apart on the inside does not mean it is favorable. This plan was poorly concieved and I publically condemn all of your who voted for approving the mics. You failed as a leader to listen to the facts with an open mind and decide what was better. The ones who said yes to it approved something that was half baked at best and something Ms. malin doesn’t know where the money is coming out of. So next time, think like a leader and make sure the things you approve are fully formed 360 degrees around, as theres no meaning in buying a entire cake if half of it is missing.


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The person who read it for me got cut off around “you failed”. Ah high school Leadership people can’t even take a bit of heat at times. Everyone exploded and explained when I walked in late that I had some very cold stares aimed at me. Ahhhhh joy.


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