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I suck at surfing

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But at least the board looks cool on the car!

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Today is the second time I went out surfing on my own, both times have been failures in my view. Granted it could have been the conditions both times, but I don’t like to blame anything but myself on being not good. My surfing career thus far consisted of my first lesson in late December, my second lesson in mid June, I then went out bought gear, and have tried to surf three times. First time I learned that some beaches have “black ball flags” disallowing surfing. I did get in a really good boogie board session and try out my new wetsuit though. Second time was County Line Beach where I experienced rocks and seaweed along with surf that was hard to grasp. I rode a couple of waves (not standing) but it was overall a lot of missed waves and getting tossed about. Third time was today back at Zuma where I had my lessons. This time tide was at -2ft at full low tide and surging inward. I think that made it tougher since last time there during the lesson it was midtide trending towards low tide between 2-3 feet the whole time. Anyways, this last time I got tossed about quite a bit. Even tried body surfing instead to make me feel better but that was rough too. So I need to try again on a day with weaker waves with similar tide conditions to my lesson. Perhaps another lesson too since I’m still trying to get better at the pop-up and reading waves. Anyways, first world problems but I’ll get there soon if I keep at it!

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