I suddenly want an EV

Is it because of the fuel shortage? Sort of.

The issue with EVs here in Mexico is that they’re so economically challenged. This Chevy Bolt is more expensive than my Kia, and it is worse at pretty much everything. But lets compare it to a Golf GTI instead.


If I bought a Golf GTI tomorrow, it would cost me 30,000 dollars, if I got the Bolt, it would be 42,000 dollars.

The Golf uses 4 gallons of fuel per 100 miles traveled, and premium costs 3.9 per gallon. That means I could drive 76,900 miles before catching up to the EV, but let’s add that the GTI has a scheduled maintenance every 9k miles, and it costs around 125USD, so in reality the Bolt catches up by 71,300 miles of use, and seven services.

Let’s imagine I drive 100 miles a week. That would mean that the EV would take 13 years and eight and a half months to recover in terms of economics. Sure, I’m ignoring a great deal of things, like the fact that after 13 years a GTI will require a lot more maintenance than the scheduled one, or ignoring the cost of electricity for the EV (but it’s sort of negligible.

Anyway. EVs don’t need dead dino fuel, so whenever I have an idiotic leader that has little idea of how to manage a petrol company, I can drive as much as I want, and I don’t need to cut back and use the bus.


So, maybe that settles it.

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