What did you do today?

Riding in the back seat of a full 12 passenger Ford E-350 driven by a classmate who, on a good day, is the worst driver I’ve ever ridden with. Today was not a good day as he was sleep deprived, and it was Kansas++ level windy. He drove right on the edge of the road all the way down to Elmdale, with the van veering all over the road in the wind.

The ride home was worse, as we spent a solid 20-30% of the time with a wheel on the shoulder. This wouldn’t have been so much of an issue on I-70, but K-177 doesn’t have a shoulder. K-177 has about a foot of gravel, then a deep ditch. Every time we would hit the gravel, he’d veer back onto the road and across the center line.

For over an hour each way.

I’m registered for the next University van training course as soon as I got home, I’m not gonna let myself or my classmates go through that again.


Unrelated Solstice Coupe for your time. I still really want one.