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I suspect the cleaning lady at the hotel cracked open my Oreos UPDATE: You’re Welcome..?

When I got to the hotel for lunch (pizza rolls, Mac & cheese add water and microwave cups, and an asiago cheese bagel) there was this note. I had left the mouse trap on top of the Oreo container, so she mush have taken one yesterday and one today by the looks of it

So, I guess she’s welcome for me not complaining to the manager and stuff. It’s not worth all that, but the principle of it all. Oh well. 


I asked my coworker and he denied it, so there is only one thing to do. I guess they didn’t realize there is a tamper proof indicators for this reason, or I may have been poisoned.


The hotel has thin walls, Sunday evening the dude in the room next door was snoring loud enough to hear. So I picked up the phone, called room number, snoring stopped, and I hung up.

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