If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I swear...everyone wants me to be with the model...

I've gone out with her tonight to the bowling alley and then a bar. At the bar, some random never seen in my life before drunk dude shows up at our table and says: "You guys are soooo beautiful! Like really beautiful together! There's cool vibe when I see you guys talk to each other!" And bla bla bla. In my head I was like "Shit....everytime I go into a bar with her, someone does this....she'll think I'm doing it in purpose.". Then he gave us water while we been drinking some pabst. He talked and talked then he gave us an invite to a Bring Your Own Boose private party the 19 of July. Then he said "Guys, don't get kids together, your kids will be too cool!". She laugh hard. Pretty cool night I gotta say. I learned that she was a sports hotshot back in high school.


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