I swear I had zero influence on the color choices UPDATE: the kid medalled!

Now that the scouts allow girls to join, my oldest decided to join up with a couple of her friends (most of her friends are boys). I never did scouts, so it’s all new to me. Today I missed the Rallycross, because we have the rain gutter boat regatta this afternoon. Should be fun! :)


I assisted very minimally. I think it looks pretty dang good for a 5-year old’s work!

UPDATE: She was the only girl there, but dominated her age group, and came in 3rd overall! My kindergartner beat a 5th grader in her final race!

I really proud of her. It didn’t go flawlessly, her boat nosed into the water on a couple of runs, but she stayed cool and kept going. Everyone was super nice, it was a really great time. My daughter was delighted!

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