I swear, it shouldn't be this hard to sell tires on craigslist (UPDATE)

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I've been trying for over a month to sell the Goodyear Fortera HL tires I took off my Grand Cherokee and replaced with General Grabber AT2s. I have a nice quality post with several pictures, and plenty of information. But over and over again, I keep having people waste my time.


The biggest irritant in all this is, so many people on craigslist, when they want to buy something, ask the following:


C.L. Schmuckface: do u still have ur tires available???
Me: Yes, they're still available.
C.L. Schmuckface: wat is ur lowest price u will take???
Me: I'd like to get as close to the asking price as possible. If you want to pay less than that, make me an offer and I'll let you know if it's acceptable.

Half the time, they stop responding. The other half the time, they offer $50-75 less than the asking price on the post. Then it moves on to trying to schedule a time to meet up with them, and everyone who wants to buy these damn tires is apparently incapable of picking a time to meet up and buy some tires.


Yesterday, I had a new experience. I was on my way to the gym, and through a long, drawn-out series of text messages, a person asked if I could meet them ASAP since they were just passing through town. They wanted to meet so soon, it required cutting 5 minutes off my cardio, going home, grabbing the key to my storage unit, getting the tires out of the storage unit, and meeting them at the agreed-upon spot: a police station, so nobody gets murdered.

They also said they were in a blue Toyota Highlander, which gave me pause, because while I hadn't looked up the tire size of a Highlander, I had a feeling it wasn't the same as a Grand Cherokee.


When I arrived at the police station and pulled up next to their blue '05-ish Highlander, and I started showing him the tires. He was all excited about how much money he'd save buying these tires instead of new ones. Then he asked me,

"So these are 16s right?"

No, no they are not, you stupid fucking moron with a tattoo of a spiral on your Adam's apple, who didn't read my CL post which clearly says they're 245/65-17s in both the subject line and the first paragraph, but insisted I meet you ASA-fucking-P. They're 17s.


Then I left, and went home, with the tires still in my damn possession.

UPDATE: The CL post I liked to at the top here is actually my latest repost. Shortly after making the post here, someone who flaked out on my back on March 3 texted me asking when they can pick up the tires. It's not quite nailed down yet, but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'm meeting up with them today.

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