I Swear to Buddah

I’m ready to set fire to this 944.

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So, back in May, the very day I started working on my wife’s Enclave, the 944 wouldn’t start.


Well, I was already committed to the Enclave, so I could only poke around the Porsche a little. After some troubleshooting I came to the conclusion it must be the DME (computer). Well, I bought this particular DME from ECU Doctors last November and it has a 5 year warranty. I contacted them, told them I thought the DME was faulty and set up a return. Long story short, they said the DME was fine and sent it back to me charging me $20 in the process.

Once I finished the Enclave, I could finally dive in on the 944 for real. Well, I had to rule out the DME ( it was good after all, right). I replaced crankshaft sensors, spark plugs, the coil, plug wires and spent hours trying this and that. I even bought an oscilloscope to measure the sensor inputs. Nothing worked. It had to be the DME.


I decided my best bet was to find a used DME. In the meantime I contacted ECU Doctors and told them of my suspicions. I also sent them pictures of my oscilloscope outputs.

I bought a working used DME on Craigslist for $125 and it solved the no-start problem (Yay). The day I bought the DME, ECU Doctors agreed to send a new DME and accept the old one back and refund my $20. All the time I wasted is on me I guess.


However, the new DME they sent was the wrong one and I have now had to send it back. Ugh.

Oh well, at least I have my Craigslist DME to get me by, right. All is now well - except, that when I returned from a spirited drive this evening, I was greeted by leaking coolant all over the garage floor. Just shoot me.

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