It’s less of a rant and more of a bite me. I’m a teacher and I was the technology coordinator of a high school for five years, up until about five years ago. I had passwords to everything and maintained the Active Directory, the network, whatever. We got a new I.T. director who holds educators in contempt. When he came on board, he stripped any of us with any useful ability of all access to everything. Okay, whatever, bite me. (Forget that even now, five years later, I am more adept and far more conversant than any of his second-level techs...)

I turned in my district laptop because, even though I had the administrator password for it, by a fluke, I prefer having my own gear and my seven-year-old-or-older stuff, Dells with early Core i7 quad procs and SSDs, because my gear is better than anything the district has on offer.

Anyhow, today, I asked about connecting to one of the Xerox copiers that you can print to, and the tech guy said, “Too bad, no non-district equipment is to be connected to district printers.” I was like, whatever, since I already connected it myself.


Bite me. Bunch of teacher-hating putzes.


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