One of my neighbours bought this Jag XJ-S as a project for $2,000 last year, which was a steal. All parts from the previous owner are original. It's a 5-speed V12, one of 135 (?) made.

The paint was recently redone, and was immaculate, the previous paintjob was half-assed and was gray. The owner was working on the speakers on the door at the time I went there, and just got new tires last week, and installed the rear seats. I mainly asked him about the paint, because a friend has a similar Jag, the current paint job is chipping off after 4 years since the last repaint, and wants it done right.

Friend's Jag pictured.

The previous owner was a Sea King pilot, and did everything that's mechanical properly, the previous owner was a very handy guy as well. The car had no rust at all. The current owner even sent the dashboard trim to Florida to get redone, and looks spectacular.


It's awesome to see that I have plenty of Jalops in my neighbourhood. Other than this guy with the Jag, I've seen someone with a classic Mini (always saw it covered), A classic burgundy 911 (who also owned a Volvo V70 in the same colour, with a manual), A Classic split-bumper Camaro, a Firebird, and even someone with a yellow 1st gen Audi TT.