Who dared to put an Explorer Bumper on a Ranger. Hes a really cool dude, was super nice to me even though I probably looked like a blithering idiot when I was excitedly talking to him about his truck. Its apparently bolt on too!

So my Girlfriend and I are heading to the junkyard tomorrow on my day off to find a bumper and to celebrate me getting promoted from driver to parts specialist, oh yeah that happened; I start Sunday. But before we go to the junkyard we’re headed to harbor freight for tools and after we are going to look at a 2 door manual 1997 Rav 4 that she wants to maybe buy.

PS- Lets revel in the fact that I have a girlfriend that enjoys going to junkyards, hardware stores and wants to drive a stick 2 door Toyota Rav 4. How the hell did I get so lucky?