This can’t be good.
This can’t be good.
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I didn’t lie to anyone in this process, including the dealer who has it on consignment, my girlfriend, and myself. I can’t afford this car right now. Earliest? After I get my bonuses and see my tax liability for 2019, which will probably suck up my bonuses and leave me with enough to buy a few legos. More realistically? When I sell my house I’ll be flush, but that’s 6-8 months from now - at the earliest.


But however ill-fated, even if it was just to see if someone 6’-5” with size 14 feet could physically drive a 6 speed Maserati (they can! in sneakers because I forgot my driving shoes!) this isn’t a car you test drive and not-tell people about. The response especially upon hearing the asking price has been very uniformly: buy it. When I go through my finance stuff, the response is “well, it sounds like most of the money should be there eventually, so that’s no excuse to not-buy it.” After we chat about other car and holiday stuff, they’re sure to remind me: go back and buy it.

I mean, like, I could maybe afford it. I can probably afford it. I just checked my bank account, and actually, I definitely can not afford it.

What do I do?

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