I’ve been planning on upgrading my old 04 Tahoe to a pickup in a couple months. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and picked a budget. So now i’m in the process of test driving. Two weekends ago I test drove a 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab with the Hemi, and it was nice, but had a ton of miles for the price. But it did have everything I wanted-

-Backup Cam
-4 real doors
-Reasonable towing capacity

So with a budget of $26k, I started to look at midsize as well. I have a rather low garage that barely fits the Tahoe, so a shorter midsize truck would be better. I can’t afford a newer Tacoma, the previous generation are nice, but still apparently made of Gold. And the Frontier is garbage. But apparently, you can buy a brand new GMC Canyon for $25k at two different dealers within 300 miles of me (one in OK and one in IL. They both have around 10 of the same model, just different colors). Despite being a base model, they come with real wheels (not steelies), a stereo with Android Auto/Apple Carplay, and maybe SiriusXM? (I’ve heard conflicting reports on that), backup cam, and the V6, and don’t look too bad:

My main concern with the Canyon/Colorado is the size. So I took myself, my wife and a good friend to a local dealer and test drove this:

It was the lowest trim Canyon the dealer had. Despite having a higher end radio than the base model, heated seats, and other things I wouldn’t have in the base model, I really liked it. It didn’t feel cramped up front, and the backseat was a bit tight for my friend and the tall salesman, but better than the Frontier. It rode great, had plenty of power, and with a 7k towing capacity, I know it’ll handle a small camper. I’m not overly concerned about the backseat, since we don’t have kids yet, and I don’t *have* to be the dedicated chauffeur all the time, like I normally was with my Tahoe. It’ll be fine for carting people around town and some trips to the lake, but I won’t be taking 5 people on a cross country camping trip. Which is fine since I have no plans to ever do that ha.


For the price of the brand new Canyon, I can get a used Ram with >20k miles which would be bigger, but worse MPG, and a warranty that would be close to expired. (Unless I get CPO)

So what does Oppo think of the Canyon? Likes? Dislikes?