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I test drove a GS350 F Sport

Overall impression, I’m interested enough to keep looking at them come purchase time.

Interior - surprisingly cramped for such a large sedan. I felt like I had more room in the WRX. The central tunnel is humongous. The doors are thick. It leaves no room to manspread while driving. Leather was nice, fe carbon was meh, and shiny piano black plastics were dirt magnet. If it weren’t for the very nice seats, it didn’t feel much better than a nice Camry really. It’s hard to differentiate these days between luxury and loaded economy. I’m 6 foot tall, and there wasn’t much room in the back seat - not more than in the wrx, plus my head touched the roof. Where did ally be space go!? It’s a large car with “luxury car sickness” - serious lack of room because everything is weirdly oversized


Infotainment- horrible. Everything you’ve ever read or heard about it is true. It would probably be the biggest reason I’d pas on this car.

Drivetrain - very, very nice. Gear shifts are smooth even in sport plus when you step on it. Manual mode works but I find myself never using it unless I’m going downhill and I want to hold a gear. Sound is surprisingly nice from a Toyota V6.

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Not my favorite car ever. 

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