My dad wanted to test drive one. He wants a luxury sedan with some sportiness to it, but would also rather not have a gas guzzler, as he has a 100 mile round trip daily commute now. He's looked at the Panamera S, and the S350 Bluetec. I figured a Tesla to be ideal for him. The Tesla store is only a few blocks from me and I was quite pleased to see that the test drive car had the P85+ package - the sportiest and most powerful Model S you can buy.

My thoughts:

Alarmingly quick acceleration. Within half a second of dropping the hammer, I dropped an F-bomb. Scary quick off the line. When they say instant torque, they mean it!

I set the steering to "sport" and really liked it. I think the only luxury performance sedan with better steering is the Panamera.

Firm but controlled and comfortable suspension tuning (very BMW-like).

I didn't get to explore the handling too much, but it has great rear traction, and you can feel how low the center of gravity it is. Impressed me enough.


The brakes took getting used to, a heavy pedal without much feedback...however the brakes are pretty good (ought to be, they look like 13.5" rotors with BIG Brembo calipers).

Great seats.

Fantastic interior.

TONS of toys and gadgets.

And of course, it's whisper quiet.

I now want one. And I want my dad to get one (I recommended he get the 85 though.)


There could be a Model E in my future.

SR20 rule: