It was the dealer demo, a convertible automatic without the Custom Pack (a salesman crashed a Ruby Red manual fastback GT just two days ago while on a test drive - it’s all they’ve got left). This is almost the opposite of the spec my dad is looking for, but without wanting to put too finer point on it; The car was excellent.

Being a silly Brit, I’ve had very little experience of the Ford Mustang. I am relegated to viewing them through the porthole of my computer screen or squeaking as an import drives past me. I know to most of you in the US any Mustang is just a Mustang, common as muck, but the 2015 is the first model offered in the UK in RHD with a full dealership warranty, making it a truly interesting prospect. Since I can remember my dad has had ‘a bit of a thing’ for the Mustang. He has considered importing in the past, and has probably bi-annually restarted his obsession by hunting AutoTrader for weeks on end for any decent examples, but ultimately never biting the bullet. With dealerships now taking deliveries and a waiting list of up to 12 months, he’s probably left it a little bit late, but bite the bullet he did and organised a test drive for this morning. I tagged along, because of course I did.

We took it out for a good 40 minutes, with him driving on the way out and myself driving on the way back. OK, so the autobox is lazy in anything other than Race Mode, but my old man wants the manual so that’s that problem fixed, but I was actually surprised by the rest of the car. Ignoring the engine (America has always done engines rather well), the interior was fine, albeit plasticy in parts with questionably affixed interior door handles, the steering wheel is good, the seats are comfortable, the instrument cluster is clear and well positioned, flip past Comfort mode and the handling is responsive with fair feedback and a quite nicely weighted feel, the 6 pot Brembos are excellent, the interior visibility isn’t awful, Ford SYNC3 works, and that’s all you can ask of it. - all round the car feels GOOD and absolutely destroys the stereotype oft associated with the Mustangs of previous generations.

I’m under the impression that this car is absolutely one of the best bargains going on the UK market, even with a tax, import duty and standard spec inflated £38k price tag, nothing can really come close to it. I’m damn sure my dad is convinced too.


So after years of toying with the idea, this actually looks like it’s happening. He wants the fastback manual GT in Guard Green (apparently now unavailable?) or Magnetic Grey with Ceramic leather and the Custom pack with the Nickel alloys (see above for lookey-likey), but doesn’t really want to wait 9-12 months for delivery. The other option is he takes a cancellation, the best of which is available in May; a Magnetic Grey fastback manual GT with Ebony leather, Shaker Pro only instead of the full Custom pack, and black alloys and black bonnet stripes like this:

He thinks the black alloys look cheap and tatty, but I thought the bonnet stripes might help tie in them into to the grey paintjob? After that he just has to deal with a lack of climate-active seats, the wrong colour leather and some missing exterior trim. Your opinions on which decision to make are welcome. He is genuinely torn between desire and getting the car with the spec and colour he actually wants.


Oh, and he said he’d insure me on it too. Can’t complain really.