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I test drove an ATS this weekend

It was a 2.0t / AWD version.

Still trying to figure out what I want to replace my GTI with, and after sitting in an ATS at the auto show recently, I determined it worthy of a look-see.

As far as the dealership goes, it was very nice. It took too long to get somebody to talk to me though. Half of the other customers looked to be in their 30s, much younger than expected.


They were very low pressure, and took a decent amount of time trying to figure out what I wanted, which was nice. They didn't try to jam me into something they had on the lot today, which was also quite refreshing.

As far as the car goes, I was honestly very surprised and impressed by it. I ended up driving a demo model. Power was great, and the ride and handling were both amazing. I really like the interior, and fit very well in it.


A few downsides - One of my requirements is HID headlights. After having them on my past two cars, they are absolutely a must-have dealbreaker for me. Apparently within the Cadillac range, this is a bit of a rarity. It's only available on the two highest trim levels, which pushes the MSRP into the almost-$50k range. Nobody stocks them, at least in the color I like (red). Every one in the Northeast is AWD as well, so if I want RWD it's going to be special order. You can't even order the HIDs as a stand-alone option on lower trim levels, which is dumb.

The last part was when they checked out my GTI. It's amazing how polarizing it seems to be - Nobody expects the interior to be that nice (I have the Autobahn edition with leather / nav / etc), but they do balk at the manual. It's like everything is going great until they see that, and then just nope the eff out on wanting it. I didn't even ask about ordering the ATS with a manual, as I was afraid that would result in getting escorted out the back of the dealership and asked not to return.


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