And I retract some of my previous statements about Hyundai, except for ONE major flaw.

I am at the Hyundai dealer because my Dad pawned getting my Mom’s Azera’s oil changed off on me. To kill time I browsed the lot, and stumbled upon one of these with a stick. Deep down I’ve been super curious about these since their release, so being an unbusy Thursday morning, I sought a test drive. So here is a quick summary of my thoughts:

Interior: It looks nice, but the materials are no better than my Fiesta, and I didn’t play around with the screen enough to see if the infotainment is as bad as the Azera.

Exterior: It’s a legitimately good looking car, much better looking than the upcoming hatch.

The Important Bit, the Drive: Overall, pretty good. The shifter/clutch is about 1000x better than the FiST, seriously. It’s crisp and short, I actually misshifted due to the shortness. It is fairly comfortable, while maintaining composure around turns. The engine pulls fairly well, though it doesn’t sound particularly good. It’s almost fun, but one short coming adds in the ALMOST. The steering still sucks. There is zero feel. It takes all of the positive and throws it away.



HYUNDAI, SHITCAN THE FOCUS GROUP/ENGINEER RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR STEERING SYSTEMS. At the very least, find someone else for your sporty offerings.