I wants it.

1995 BMW 740iL with like 146,000 miles.

The bad:

Body damage
A/C no worky, can’t remember what’s broke on it.
Power steering needs a bottle a week to keep up with the leak
Driver’s side window goes off track if you roll it down
Digital displays on the climate control are out.
ABS light is on, don’t know why
Check Engine light is on, apparently a vapor leak above the gas tank.
Air Bag light is on.
Little things that need fixed, like the “740" badge fell off, a door card needs some new clips, etc.

The good:

Engine sounds good, new battery, newer tires, all the electronics seem to work, sunroof works, leather is in good shape for the age, interior just needs a good cleaning, transmission seems good.


It’s $500. Tell me why this is a terrible great idea.

(there are some people ahead of me, so I probably won’t get it.)