Well at least for my drivers license!

After about 1000 miles of driving, I’ve got the new (to me) KTM 690 SMC home and in the garage. I’ve ridden quite a few bikes but this thing is just an absolute hooligans bike. During the test ride I really didn’t get on it too much, it wasn’t mine and I didn’t really want to down someone else’s bike. Now that its home, I really don’t know if I will get back on my Ninja except for track days.

It’s just a bike that doesn’t give a shit about what people think, curbs, no problem. Dirt, please try a little harder next time, wooded paths, wheelies, stairs. Not to mention it it will turn faster than a angry dog on its owner. Talking about angry dogs, its always surprising when your dog bites you, similar to when you grab a handful of front brake and get that initial bite from those big Brembo brakes. Coming from a sports bike world, the suspension travel is a little odd! It feels squishy when hard on the brakes but still very controlled.

The HUGE thing is the absolute raw grunt of that 690 motor! Get a little throttle happy in first gear and it will lay you on your ass faster than a punch from Mike Tyson, you’ll get up wondering how did that happen. Second gear is a little more tame but not much, without any sort of problem, snap on the throttle and the front up comes up with ease. I find myself in stupid areas just cracking the throttle in first to bring the front end up a couple feet and drop it back down.

Overall, if you want something inexpensive (mines a 2008) but want to enjoy riding without breaking the sound barriers, look at a super moto. Honestly one of my favorite bikes I’ve ridden or owned, highly recommend it.