Small, looks good, hummm slightly more power than previous, nice interior, cool colors, three pedals... What’s not to like? Well, some stuff, I guess.

Things I don’t like: less cargo capacity than an iM, and much less than an old Vibe or Matrix. Heavily sloped glass makes it look like it has the cargo utility of a Scion tC liftback, rather than a hatchback:

But that wouldn’t necessarily be a deterrent for me, given my current situation:


I suppose you’d choose this of say a GTI because of price and reliability? In a perfect world, I’d take the GTI though... But, I think I would definitely prefer the Corolla over the Civic Sport hatchback.

Alrighty, back to looking up old Coronas for me.

(Spoiler: the guy ultimately says in the video that, no, this is not a hot hatch).