I had a theory that I tested last night. So, I went for a midnight barefoot drive in my truck and I watched the coolant temp gauge as I felt the clutch. It got stiffer as the engine warmed up. I did a little sleuthing on the interwebs and Its most likely either water or air in the master cylinder. Considering how much rain we’ve been getting, I’m betting on water. But the only way to bleed a Ranger master cylinder properly is to remove it from the firewall and invert it. So once I have time (and help), I’m gonna do just that. I still dont know 100% how to do that just yet. But I wont have time until next weekend at least. So Im gonna have to live with it until then, but in the meantime, I can research how to bleed it.

This is apparently a common issue on 90s Ford Clutches.