Freshly back from my trip, I brought Jerry (this what we’ve decided the car’s name is), my 2002 325i in for an oil change, and to investigate the 55-65mph rumble I was experiencing.

The oil change was about what I expected, a bit more expensive, but it’s fully synthetic and about what I paid for full synth in my Focus ST.

The shop also mentioned that the rear wheels had some decently sized bends in them, which is what’d cause the rumble at speeds (ya’ll were right, said wheels/tires) so, they’re sending them out to get repaired. If they can’t be repaired, I’ll have to either source new wheels or I’ll have to find new ones myself. They hold air, and they tried balancing them, but I figure I might as well bit the bullet on the refinishing costs. They should be back in a day or 2, just in time for a 3 hour drive this weekend.


Aside from that, the shop seems pretty honest & I’m happy to find a place I can go back to. The tires will NEED to be replaced this summer. They have plenty of tread on them, but they’re date coded in 2011, meaning they’re 8 years old. The P/O drove maybe 8k miles in the last 10 years, so that’d explain that. I’m gonna hold off on them for a little bit.

I also fixed the sagging A & C pillar fabric, although did an arguably better job on the A’s. The C’s I might re-do when it’s warmer out. 

BMW ownership is proving to be just about as pricey as I expected, but not due to BMW parts yet, minus the key that I ordered from a dealer somewhere in Ohio.

On another note, I installed one of those bluetooth modules from GROM that emulates being a CD changer - it works fantastic & I routed the mic up to where the stock location is. Had to fight with the very German wiring harness that was built like hell to splice it in, and had to mount the box in the glovebox, but it works great.