Going from living at home, to living on my own on another continent has been quite the big change, but I have been enjoying it so far.

It went perfectly fine when the weather was nice and the pressure at university was low. However, now the weather has changed and the pressure has increased because my internship is ending in a few weeks time, it just feels like I don’t have any energy left, which makes it hard to do work a lot of the time.

Now, I think I figured out what the cause is: I’m not good in taking care of myself when I have a lot of work to do. Generally speaking I’m not the kindest person to myself, but normally my mother making sure I eat well enough, and supplying fresh meals makes sure I have enough energy. I try to eat enough, but I just can’t work out what enough is, and have lost about 10 kg over the last 2,5 months as a result.

I think I’m going to think about what and how much to eat even more now, as I hope that solves it.

Anyhow, if you made it this far in this completely incoherent (and probably not interesting) post, have an Alpine A110 race car: