I’ve been on staycation for 4 days now and I really am starting to think I hate my NC. Not that it matters as I’m still a bit upside down on the loan so won’t be getting anything new for a while anyways. In my defense my circumstances have changed since I got it, I was a hotshot salesman back then with plenty of recreational time and lived closer to the mountains. But now I live farther from good driving roads, work two jobs, spend about 5 hours a day in it and have no time to take it somewhere fun. I hate traffic, I hate commuting, I hate delivering pizzas, and I’m starting to hate driving in general 95% of the time. The ride is awful, the seats suck, it’s not very fast, I never have time to work on it and when I do I can’t bring myself to since my full time job is a Mazda tech. It sucks getting into and out of 20 times a day, driving it too long hurts my knee, and I’m finally ready for an automatic in my life. The best part of my vacation has been knowing that damn car is 20 miles away and not even looking at it for 5 days. Even driving my wife’s base model Kia Rio has been incredibly refreshing, which makes me sad and also makes me hate it that much more. I just turned 29 and finally feel too old to DD a Miata. I’ve decided I want a soul turbo but my wife gets the next new car and mine will have to wait a year or two, so I’m just stuck with it. /venting