After 20 years. I think I realize I hate it. Or at least much of it. I spent 7 hours of non stop grudge work. Maybe it was too long or too hot. 94F. Changing power steering hoses on a Dodge Ram, removing the exhaust on my miata to fix a tiny exhaust leak at the manifold to down pipe joint that I must have not had the whole exhaust loose causing it to bind and leak. And changing the oil.

I don’t know how it took so long but I blame fasteners in horrible places and rust. It was total grimey slow hard fight the entire way and it made me realize much of working on cars for me it miserable. I hate banging my knuckles, greasy hands, rust falling in my hands and needing to wash greasy hand to flush out my eyes, seeing all the flaws and leaks and rust and grime on the underside of cars give me anxiety everything is going to fall apart and one day I am going to die. It triggers my OCD and wish I could just buy all new cars totally disassemble everything that unbolts and send it off to be powder coated and wrap the cars in vacuum seal bags with desiccant packs. It make me want to use the proper factory parts and lubes and sealants on everything and torque all bolts with properly calibrated torque wrenches. Changing the oil will take two days because the oil drain plug needs to be stripped and re zinc plated and I have to design some kind of solvent flushing/vacuum machine to remove every last drop of bad oil and acetone to wash the solvent out and heat blown into the motor to make sure everything is dry and no solvent is left behind.

Maybe its the sun or the 3 sodas I drank yesterday or I really do hate working on cars but lets hope by the time I need to do another project my attitude has changed.