I think I have a problem...

The car that started my enthusiasm 10 years ago.
The car that started my enthusiasm 10 years ago.

I always car shop, I think we all do here, but as soon as you feel like you might actually get one of them then it’s a different story. I can’t stop researching my list of options. I’ve gone through buying sites to see prices...often. I’ve compared true costs to own, anecdotal evidence on forums, winter wheel and tire prices, and many many more variables. As you may have known, I’ve sat in a bunch of them (not driven yet). I’M 8-9 MONTHS OUT. I’m going to go crazy. Scratch that, crazier. But, silver lining is this is going to be the most well thought out decision of my life haha


Here’s the ultimate level of my nerdiness: I’m writing a freaking research paper just to get all my thoughts down. It has a title, headings, charts, and is currently 7 pages (not well formatted). I think it’s aptly titled, “The Ridiculously Overthought Search For The Happiness Money Buys”.


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