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So I'm at Taco Bell earlier tonight, and when my turn comes at the speaker, the oblivious gentleman in the Subaru Legacy ahead of me left a half a car leght in front of him, leaving me half a car length back from the speaker. As I shouted my order at the poor girl inside and stared disgustedly at the nimrod in front of me in his overly sensible sedan, I noticed a sticker on his read window that read: iDrive55.


Now, this being a Subaru and not a BMW, I figured he probably wasn't just a proud enthusiast of the Bavarian automaker's infotainment system, but a proud enthusiast of something far more disturbing. After getting my food, a quick Google search confirmed my suspicions.

Well, fuck me sideways. This video pretty much speaks for itself, and it's safe to assume we can all agree that they're stupid, we're better than you, nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo, but here's the low down for the YouTube video adverse among you.


Called the Drive 55 Conservation Project, they advocate following every speed limit and never driving faster than 55 miles per hour, despite the fact that most speed limits are arbitrarily low and the majority of cars sold here in the past 100 years can safely travel in excess of 55 miles per hour. Their reasoning, predictably, is that you get better mileage and are thus saving the planet, farting rainbows, and shitting baby polar bears.

The members shown in the video look like the sort of drivers you'd expect to see doing 55 in the left lane in their Prius with an "iDrive55" sticker proudly displayed above "Obama/Biden", right next to "I Love My Granddogs". Their site is mercifully devoid of any further information or any way to purchase these stickers, so I have to assume this Subaru driver is a particularly enthusiastic speed limit abider and not much of a Hagar fan.


At least we have one thing in common.

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